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color and graphics

New - revised and updated - look to the future with PNG and SVG

Graphics and color on the web are quite markedly different from the print and publishing world. This course is for both graphic designers, whose work will be delivered online, and for web developers who need to work with graphic designers.

Color and Graphics for the Web covers web based color in detail, and compares color online with color on paper. Starting with the foundations by understanding what color actually is, you'll learn all about how onscreen color really works, and how to work with it yourself. As with all Westciv courses, accessibility is a key emphasis of Color and graphics for the Web.

After color we look at web graphics. Each of the important graphics formats both raster (bitmap) such as GIF, JPEG and PNG, and vector, are covered, compared and contrasted. You will learn how they are similar, how they differ, which is best in particular circumstances.

The course clarifies mysteries, and clears up many myths about web graphics and color. After completing Color and Graphics for the Web, you will have a much clearer and deeper understanding about the theory and practice of graphic design for the web.