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browser support


This section is no longer maintained. We've moved all our compatability information into a new, Wiki based compatability guide. Please visit, and help us maintain and improve the guide

Table of Contents

In this section you will find browser support information for all of CSS1 and CSS2. We've divided the specification into a number of logical parts, which are listed below with their contents.

Browsers tested

Our tables have browser support information for

To see the exact browser versions we used, and how we tested them go here.

More information, with detailed browser support notes, is included in the full version of our CSS Guide. This full version of the guide, available for purchase and download for just $24.99, is a complete reference to all of the CSS2 specification, with all the browser support information integrated alongside the descriptions of the properties and selectors.

These notes are also available as online help in both our CSS editor Style Master. Both these applications allow you to target certain browsers as you develop, and see where CSS design decisions you make may not work in some browsers.

Basic Concepts


Text Properties

Background Properties

Border Properties

Margin and Padding Properties

Page layout properties

Element type properties

User interface properties

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