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westciv privacy policy

At Westciv we believe very strongly in the right to privacy of all our site visitors, customers and mailing list subscribers. When you

you can expect that on this page below we have disclosed what information we will collect and how we will use it.

Visitors to our site

What information is collected?

At the westciv resources site we have thousands of pages of free information. When you browse these pages no personal information is collected. While you are browsing our pages your IP address and other variables such as browser type and operating system are logged in standard server logs (just as they are on just about every other web site you ever visit).

How is this information used?

We use these standard server logs to measure traffic patterns at our site. We do not match information obtained in this way with any personal information obtained directly from you.

Our customers

What information is collected?

When you purchase one of our products the transaction is routed through SSL by Kagi, a company that is an industry leader in facilitating secure online transactions. Kagi's privacy policy is available here. You will need to provide certain minimal information so that a credit card payment can be processed. You will also need to provide your email address.

How is this information used?

One of our objectives is to maintain a long-term ability to communicate with users of our software and courses. In strict confidence, we keep customer records that include your name, email address and products you have bought from us. From time to time these records will be used to notify you by email of

Any email will always provide a clear mechanism for you to remove yourself from future mailings.

We do not sell any information to other companies: our business is selling software and courses, not data.

Mailing list subscribers

The following policy applies to all Westciv mailing lists.

What information is collected?

When you subscribe to any of our mailing lists you will be asked to provide an email address and a password.

How is this information used?

Your email address will only be used for mailing list messages and administrative notices to be sent to you. The content you can expect in these messages will be clearly outlined on the page where you sign up to the list. Your email address will be held in strict confidence and will not be passed on to other companies.

The password you provide will be used by you alone to change your account options and unsubscribe from the list. However we ask that you don't use a particularly sensitive password as it will be sent to you in emails in cleartext, and is not encrypted when you use it to change your account options.

We take the following precautions to protect the email address you provide from spambot harvesting

Site visitors who contact us

What information is collected?

We keep copies of all email correspondence. From time to time we invite people to email us if they are interested in hearing about a future release when it becomes available, for example a new course on a specific subject. In this case we keep a record of your email address.

How is this information used?

All email correspondence is treated with strict confidence. Email addresses obtained via requests for information on upcoming releases are only used to inform you of beta testing opportunities and then the actual release of the product. We do not send other unsolicited emails to people who have written to us with general sales enquiries and other questions.