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They are brought to you courtesy of Style Master CSS Editor and Westciv's standards based web development courses.

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Style Master - OS X screenshots

Design Sophistication

WYSIWYG CSS Editing Valid (X)HTML and CSS templates Easily create a template for your blog
WYSIWYG CSS! Live Preview XRAY Vision

Code Intelligence

Syntax coloring: more than just pretty print Style Master will suggest matching selectors for any element you click Statements in the statement list sorted by selector type
Syntax Intelligence Suggests selectors Smart Grouping

Debugging Power

Style Master reports any errors or warnings, with suggestions for what's wrong We bring the W3C CSS validator right into Style Master See the computed style, set style, whether its inherited, and even the style sheet its set in for any element
Spots bugs for you W3C Validator Shows Computed Style

No other software helps you design, code and debug your CSS better. Period.