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style master css editor

hand coding

CSS is just text, afterall, so while Style Master goes far beyond mere text editors, it also makes working with text intuitive and painless as possible.

Hand coding tools

Hand coding

Be efficient

WYSIWYG editors are great when you're starting out, but as you get more experience with CSS you'll find that lots of simple properties and selectors are more easily coded by hand. But hand coding can be a drag, so Style Master has everything you need to hand code CSS productively:

and more.

Keep an eye on your syntax

But it's got something more as well: syntax checking on the fly. It's too easy to make a mistake with CSS, and the tiniest thing like a missing semi colon can make the whole thing fall down. Style Master will warn you when a property or value does not conform to the specification so you can fix it long before you even look at it in the browser. And if you really want to be sure you've got it all right, we've now got a validator so you can check your CSS against the specification at any time.

Color coded syntax

Color coded syntax

Just like a word processor

Want to make text in that heading bold? Just click the bold button. Could anything be easier? Great for those times you want to focus on the design, not the code.