The view from my office window is humble, but sometimes the late afternoon light just glows.

An arc of balloons, on Highland, just near the intersection with Hollywood Boulevard.

Red grapefruit are so seductive in their color, yet just as bitter as their yellow counterparts in taste.

I've always been one for the classics in the scent department, but of late I've found myself branching out a bit, and I'm more than happy with some of my discoveries.

Some would say that this looks like gnome trying to burrow his way out from being buried deep within the earth.

If fiery sunsets only happened once every hundred years the world would stop turning and marvel at them.

This is in fact the Golden Gate Bridge, shot through a beautiful glass lamp in the viewing area on the Marin County side.

The famed pool at the famed Hearst Castle, a monument to extravagant wealth and rampant Europhilia in California.

These are just a few of the fierce teeth of my favorite desktop toy. Eye catching in color and extremely photogenic.

A headlight and part of the grill of an early eighties model silver Holden Kingswood.

This little lady is at the top of the neon sign for Mel's Burger's, Hollywood.

A detail of what I refer to as my "Japanese Money Cat". I'm still not sure if I've got this guy pointing in the right direction of not.

My fridge is an evolving biography of me. I love seeking out attractive fridge magnets from every place I visit.

Skateparks are so seductive for photographers. This one, down by the pier in Santa Barbara is the most beautiful I have seen.

A humble Sydney icon: the Chateau Tanunda Brandy neon above the entrance to St James station.

Uncle's Cafe at Dusk, Chinatown, San Francisco.