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layout master for windows

What happened to Layout Master?

When we released Style Master 4 we finally made the painful decision to lay Layout Master to rest as a commercial product. It's still available as freeware for both Windows and Mac OS9, however we're not really in a position to support this freeware version.

Layout Master was first developed back in 2000 when it looked to us as if absolutely positioned layouts were going to be the CSS answer to table based layouts. Of course, the answer turned out to be something more complex in part due to the ongoing saga of inferior browser support.

With Style Master 4 we feel we've created such sophisticated previewing with the Design Pane and X-ray features that a lot of what people might have continued to use Layout Master for has been superseded. However, if you want to create and edit pure absolutely positioned layouts, Layout Master is a great free option and you are most welcome to give it a go.