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They are brought to you courtesy of Style Master CSS Editor and Westciv's standards based web development courses.

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About Westciv

Westciv is essentially two people: Maxine Sherrin, and John Allsopp. We also use the services of wonderful talented people like Jon Hicks and Tim Lucas when we can and have the need.

Westciv was founded in 1994, and Style Master was originally released in 1998. No other CSS editor, as far as we know, has been around longer.

In addition to Style Master, we publish a number of comprehensive self paced courses for learning CSS, HTML/XHTML and standards based design.

We were also the founders of the Web Directions conference series

The very best way to contact us is to use our contact form. It's rare we won't get back to you within a few hours, often even minutes. If you need to talk to us, get in touch, and we'll let you know how.