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Westciv develops two world class applications, Style Master and Layout Master, to help you design, code, and learn how to work with the standards based web.

style master css editor

Just $59.99Style Master is the leading cross platform Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) development tool. Not just for coders, or designers, Style Master combines the best of hand coding tools for the coder in you, and unrivaled design tools to unleash your creativity.

See why reviewers are saying things like

an excellent program whether you're an accomplished CSS coder or struggling with your first CSS statements

.net magazine.


let me tell you it just plain ROCKS!


Style Master WorkspaceStyle Master Workspace

Main Style Master workspace (click for full size images)

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layout master CSS+XHTML for page layout

Layout Master is the most comprehensive CSS + HTML/XHTML page layout design tool available. If you are looking to rapidly develop CSS positioning based page layouts, this is your tool.

"...a powerful editing tool to aid in the creation of standards-based XHTML and CSS Web pages."

Web Reference

Layout Master Windows

Layout Master 1.1 for Windows (click for larger image)

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